Objective-W is a programming language to control and play with web browser windows as materials for visual expression. The philosophy of the language is that “you can write a code right on the object you want to control”. If you write a code on a window like “move right 100px per sec and if you run into other windows, turn red”, that will happen on the window itself.


Tech Notes

– Programed with JavaScript using peg.js(to parse input texts), plt.js(to define grammar rules), and p5.js(to visually control objects).
– A browser window that opened from different window using JS’s window.open() method can be controlled its position and window size by the parent window. Utilized that ability, it opens a main window first and then the main window opens sub windows that can be controlled.
– Here’s the link to this¬†Git Hub Repo


A part that defines the grammar for this programing language.


You can control such a lot of windows to make a letter.

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